Friday, January 8, 2016

January 2 2016 Shipment

Dear All USA Boutique fans, 

There was a shipment out from USA to Malaysia on January 2, 2016. Do let me know should you have any inquiry or concern ya! Thank you. 

January 2 2016: 

Alesha Zahra zaiton M FB - Pos Laju EH010202183 (1/13/2016)
NHalwani Roslan Dr MNI - Pos Laju 010202166MY (1/13/2016)
Nooramashita Noordin FB - Pos Laju EH010202245MY (1/19/2016)
NSaranadia Zambri FB - Pos Laju EH010202206MY (1/12/2016)
Puspa Wangi SHazirah Ibrahim FB - Pos Laju EH010202170MY (1/12/2016)
Rohimah Zakaria (w) - Pos Laju EH010202210MY (1/14/2016) 
Roslizawati Md Rosle FB - Pos Laju EH072215947MY (4/19/2016)
Salwannie Peramli FB - Pos Laju EH010202435MY (1/27/2016)
Tg Shaila RA - Pos Laju  EH010202387MY (1/31/2016)
Umairah Kharudin FB - Pos Laju EH010202197MY (1/12/2016)
Zaima Abd Majid Rosnani Ismail FB - Pos Laju EP049061036MY (1/12/2016)
Zlin Eina Masni Malik FB - Pos Laju EP049061005MY (1/12/2016)

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