Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 17 2016 Shipment

Dear All USA Boutique fans, 

There was a shipment out from USA to Malaysia on February 17 2016. Do let me know should you have any inquiry or concern ya! Thank you. 

February 17 2016: 

Farah Ghouse - Pos Laju EH033171087MY (3/12/2016) Intan A Kadir FB - Pos Laju EH108247484MY (2/27/2016)
Irma Ediana Ismail - Pos Laju EH108247453MY (2/25/2016)
Jiedah NMazidah S FB - Pos Laju EH108406265MY (3/2/2016)
Nana Rozianna MJ FB - Pos Laju EH108406282MY (3/2/2016)
NMaisarah Abu Bakar FB - Pos Laju EH108406336 (2/27/2016)
Nurul Hayati A FB Pos Laju EH108247396MY (2/25/2016)
Rosazlina Nocha FB Pos Laju EH108247419MY (2/25/2016)
Syarifah Aloyah FB Pos Laju EH108247436MY (2/25/2016)
Uyun Nurul Haida MM FB - Pos Laju EH108406248MY (3/2/2016)
Wshafiharina WIsmail FB - Pos Laju EH108406319 (2/27/2016)
Zaliha Ngah FB - Pos Laju EH033171113MY (3/6/2016)
Zarith Sofia AZ FB Pos Laju EH108247440MY (2/25/2016)

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