Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 23 2016 Shipment

Dear All USA Boutique fans, 

There was a shipment out from USA to Malaysia on March 23 2016. Do let me know should you have any inquiry or concern ya! Thank you. 

March  23 2016: 

Aini Suraya MR FB - Pos Laju EH033170890MY (3/31/2016)
Aini Suraya MR FB - Pos Laju EH072151230MY (5/4/2016)
Aziatul Waznah G. FB - Pos Laju EH033170909MY (3/31/2016)
Inalisa Idris FB Pos Laju EH010202373MY (3/31/2016)
Maimunah Z FB Pos Laju EH010202360MY (3/31/2016)
Mememia Salnita MSaad FB - Pos Laju EH072215981 (4/10/2016)
NAzimah Razali FB - Pos Laju EH072216001MY (4/16/2016)
NNadiah Kamil FB - Pos Laju EH072215955 (4/10/2016)
Normah Nng - Pos Laju EH189027472MY (5/19/2016)
Sharifah NAishah SS - Pos Laju EH033170886MY (3/31/2016) 
Siti Atikah A FB - Pos Laju EH033170926MY (3/31/2016)

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